Hi I’m El Sido and I reside in County Roscommon in Ireland.

The magnificent concrete lion featured in the header (above) is one of a pair. A garden feature, in the village of Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon.


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  1. El Sido, disappointed re. your comment about Energy Action being a quango. This is so wrong, Energy Action is a charity that does not solicit funding from the public as a matter of principle. Our funding comes from different departments that was procured over a long period of time. We have created 500 local jobs by helping to establish 24 Community Based Organisations throughout Ireland to deliver a free insulation service for those most in need. There are 3 such projects delivering this service in Roscommon. We have been doing this free service long before the Government had made fuel poverty a priority. In fact, it is because of our research and conferences that this is being addressed now.

  2. Charles,

    Thanks for your reply to my blog.
    I have read your comments with interest – And I have to say I would still have to define you as a quango. Though not say one of the lucky quangos like Nama.

    The work of insulating the houses of people who cannot afford insulation seems very worthwhile. I wish you every success with this endeavour.

    Though I suspect you are questioning my hostility.
    I find myself mistrusting of most “green” organisations. My reasons for this are many fold. Here are three good ones –

    1) Lying Scientists (Propagandists in white coats) – The attitude seems to be that it’s OK to twist figures because the public are stupid to understand them
    An attitude adopted by some of the Nations more remarkable Bankers.

    2) Carbon taxes – Politicians like to be seen to be doing there bit nowadays – And what a worthy cause! – In reality they are a regressive tax and a great excuse to milk the poor.

    3) The Green Party in government – worrying about a few fortunate rich people in red jackets riding around on horseback – whilst a nation went down the pan. Vain Clowns.

    The first two are facts – whilst I suppose my third reason is sadly a personal prejudice.

    Best Regards,
    Readers to this blog who want to see the Energy Action website can view it at this address http://www.energyaction.ie

  3. Suppose HERE is the place to comment on that blog pic looks like a Giant Chocolate Easter Lion.

    Winnie’d fume

  4. Firepower these magnificent chocolate beasts are in fact made of concrete and stand guard on the entrance of a house in Castlecoote. Co. Roscommon.
    At the rear entrance they have some tasteful concrete eagles which might appeal more to Americans.
    I have some Americans visiting me in a few days time – I may well seek their opinion.

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