How to fry an egg

I’ve looked up the advice, given by the major culinary smart arses on the Internet. They seem to miss the basic problem that a lot of occasional egg fryers face. That is – that the egg sticks to the pan like glue.

What a lousy experience to greet the potential breakfaster in the morning – Oh yeah – you can’t even fry a fuckin’ egg!  Help is at hand – Sido is here- to sort your problem – for free!  Unlike say, Gordon Ramsay who will sell you a book for twenty euros and still not tell you the trick – confirming your prejudices  about – “people you think you don’t like”.

Frying off, Meatballs after frying off Onions and Red Peppers – makes a mess of the pan.

A lot of us use our frying pans for many purposes. We get all sorts of crud and crap on them. And then we wash them up so that they can be reused.  So when you are trying to fry the sort of fried egg that the likes of say  – Gordon Ramsay (for instance) might approve of.

And you get out your frying pan and shake in some extra virgin olive oil. And everything is cool for about a minute, until you realise your egg has completely adhered to the pan. Like a blob of lightly fried emulsion paint. It is at this stage you need advice because scraping it off the pan – frankly does not cut it, at any culinary level. And scrambled eggs is out of the question unless you are a serious drug user.

Protip – Simmering the Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce for half an hour – may help with the washing up!

The trick is to heat up your oil – I’ll write it twice.

The trick is to heat up your oil – Heat it so it’s blue and smoking and you will alter its chemical structure.  I’ve used cheap sunflower oil here – though you can use a cheap hard white like Frytex.  The trick is to get that hint of blue smoke coming off it. Keep a very watchful eye on this process. Then take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool down a bit otherwise you will burn your pan and end up back at the sink with a nasty mess.

OK – you can’t see the slight blue smoke on this picture – so use your imagination.

After that, you can ditch the excess oil in the pan (or not) and use butter or some other fancy oil. Then at a nice low temperature cook the sort of fried egg that is a dish fit for a king or queen.

Whatever your preference.

Sunny side up – with a knob of butter thrown into the pan


1st August 2012


4 thoughts on “How to fry an egg

  1. Hi there Kenny – I just like messing with stuff like frying eggs and cooking – I think if I ever had to do it for a job it would take the pleasure out of it for me.
    You wouldn’t be the first to criticise my blog for being bland. I just never seem to get sufficiently interested in anything but the mundane.

      • How true – And if you are cooking breakfast and doing fried eggs – its important that you do them like a boss – not like some complete tosser who has over indulged the night before. I feel that an egg fried with confidence says a lot about the sort of person you are. That’s why I feel this sort of simple instruction to be very important. It helps to start the day the way you need it to go on.

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