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An admirer and a fan of the El Sido blog, Hand Solo, made the following comment about the blog on

“Ah the fascinating (and rarely seen) Roscommon mating method. Blunder in, defend some sarcastic auld bilge, then sit back and wait for laydeez. I love watching you at work Sido, you’re a ray of sunshine in these dark Summer days. Thanks buddy.”

Well thank you Hand – it’s nice to be nice. And it’s nice to get a bit of positive feedback every once in a while. So much for the so called Internet Hate Machine.

Franks election bash with generous free entertainment

Franks election bash with generous free entertainment

Though sadly the most positive criticism I can offer the subject of this post,  Fine Gael Deputy Frank Feighan, is resign!  At least that way you can start to regain some sense of self worth and human decency.

Maybe I should explain, under Ireland’s Proportional Representation  System Roscommon and South Leitrim is represented by three politicians.  Luke Flanagan  an Independent who likes to represent the views of his constituents.  A quaintly old fashioned notion in Kenny’s Ireland .

Denis Naughton an Independent, who was forced to resign the Fine Gael party whip, on principle, when his leader Edna Goldilocks Kenny was caught telling lies to his constituents and also the nation about the closure of the A & E Department in Roscommon Hospital , along with his mendacious side kick, the Minister for Health James Reilly.

And Frank Feighan who presumably thinks the right thing to do was to is just take home his fat pay cheque and hang on in, presumably till the next election when he gets to cash in his fat pension. In fairness to Frank hanging around waiting to be made redundant is an experience that a lot of Irish people have had to live with in recent times. What’s not to like? Alas though, this story of casual fealty doesn’t end up with Frank taking a back seat for the next three years.

Recently, Frank has decided, or been told, that he needs to bull shit the abused electorate of Roscommon even further. Presumably , Fine Gael fear that he will be replaced with a maverick Independent  at the next election rather than a Fianna Fail candidate (their best reasonable outcome)Though don’t rule out some attempts at gerrymandering, as the government makes sweeping reforms to the Houses of the Oireachtas (using “state of the art”brushes) . And in truth going from a constituency where you hold 2/3 of the seats – to one that is a “No Go” area for the Prime Minister in the space of a week , could be regarded as politically naff. Frank started the fight back by explaining the government’s position by way of a patronising letter in the local Free Sheet.

The Government position on the A & E is a rather strange construction – Readers may need to read this twice to understand the twisted logic of the argument.  The government does not pay any money for staff to be put in place, therefore if you go for treatment at Roscommon  Hospital A & E there is a severe risk that you will not get treated. Therefore it is necessary and in the public interest to close the A & E Department.  Did you follow that? I thought not.  Frank does though. Some would say his argument would have appeal to the “Brain Dead” – though I’m not in a position to offer a medical opinion.  Neither is anyone at Roscommon A & E.

A Graphical explanation of government policy

A Graphical explanation of government policy

Not satisfied that he was getting the government position across Frank posted some glossy 4 pages of crap through Sido’s door yesterday –

Frank says- “The decision to make changes to services at Roscommon County Hospital has been a difficult one, causing upset and anger among many people. But we cannot get away from the fact that management and consultants – the people at the coalface in Roscommon Hospital – were increasingly worried about patient care.  The decision to close Roscommon’s A & E was very regrettable but patient safety could not be compromised in any way.”

When life deals you lemons – It behooves one to research the  limited market for lemon juice.

To further patronise the electorate the government pretended that a new Med Evac helicopter that it had purchased for the army was to evacuate patients to a distant hospital facility. Sadly the helicopter “had a hard landing” after a couple of weeks. And not a lot has been heard of it since. Though  Frank has a picture of it on the back of his glossy sheet. I read from the news that the service will now be operating from Dublin because the helicopter was too noisy for Athlone.

Over weight Health Minister James Reilly with Minister Alan Shatter. Yes they couldn't even be bothered to paint over the green military paint

Over weight Health Minister James Reilly with Minister Alan Shatter. Yes they couldn’t even be bothered to paint over the green military paint.

I could go on about the glossy. The last sentence says that the government is proposing “New laws modernising our bankruptcy and personal insolvency regime offering heavily indebted people a way back to productivity” – Something that will be useful to Health Minister James Reilly who had a judgement  made against him recently in the matter of 1.9 million euros owed to the Bank of Ireland.

And because I wouldn’t want it said that Sido is in the habit of backdoor sniping using the anonymity of the internet.  I’m going to e-mail Frank this article with a link to the blog to give him the opportunity to address my criticism. That strikes me as a lot nicer than questioning Frank’s motives for defending the indefensible – The sort of small minded crap that I have no time for.

Edit at 17:37 12th July 2012

I’m posting this link to a Post by Chompsky on the site concerning Health Minister James Reilly and the possibilities that one of his business partners Anne Devitt  has been involved in some corrupt activities –


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