Minimalist Kit – Orange Cider/Wine




I got an e mail response to my post on Mead. Was it possible to make an alcoholic beverage from Orange Juice. I could find vague references to the manufacture of an Orange  based alcoholic beverage using Navel Oranges.

Of course Orange Juice has now changed beyond recognition, from what it was say 20 years ago. Presumably with the help of American Agriculturalists.

Another request on the Mead posting was from Firepower. He was asking about a minimalist apparatus for experimenting (see picture above). The balloon valve has a pin hole in it.

Recipies I found for Orange wine, basically did not prove the point one way or another. I used my Cider recipe. I used 2 litres of pasteurised OJ and 2 X 1/4 cups sugar. That’s 2 X40 grams approx. I’m also using my old mate, champagne yeast. The picture above is the result after about 24 hours.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have used the OJ with the bits in. I am open to suggestions as to the name of this “new” alcoholic beverage.



4 thoughts on “Minimalist Kit – Orange Cider/Wine

  1. Not that I’m aware of. It’s available from a chap I know from Ballinrobe Co. Mayo though.
    Funnily enough there used to be quite a lot of it around when I worked in the North of England.
    I’m told the they (the Oirish) used to make it in old mill chimneys – to get rid of the smell of their manufacturing.
    Though last time I went over to Northern England, smuggling continental beer seemed to be the “in” beverage crime.
    I’m currently experimenting with making a sort of pineapple cider. The big plus is that the place smells like a fruit cocktail.

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