First Post added to El Sido Blog

A moment of excitement, as Roscommon joins the digital age. And the first page was added to the El Sido Blog. Ignoring the “Hello World!” comment which will be analysed in depth, at a later date.

A quietly confident El Sido said that whilst he didn’t expect children and old people to be dancing in the Streets at the news. It was nevertheless the case. that this fresh opening of Roscommon to the “World Wide Web” Was a forerunner for the county’s digital future and had the capacity to generate many “High End” jobs going forward. “These are the sort of jobs we will require if we are to compete against foreigns going forward” He added.


10 thoughts on “First Post added to El Sido Blog

  1. Good to see a new blog. I will link to you.

    Roscommon may survive the World Wide Web but will the Web survive the inevitable onslaught of Roscomonians?

  2. Well Firepower you are welcome. You are indeed the first international commentator on this blog.
    For some reason or other I had to approve your comments. The whole thing seems a terrific bind!

  3. @ Firepower – You know the strange language you use (see above). I’ve often wondered are you a noble native American or some such. You seem very in tune with the ways of nature.

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